Ladon, web services-last weeks

Published: 08/05/2019

Hello everyone!


The last two weeks I was seeing some topics in the tests
an improvement in my initial file on travis. Then I was seeing tools to go testing.
In which I was watching soapUI, the handling of WDSL.exe with visual studio.
I was also seeing ladon and the truth seems to me an interesting tool, simple to use and very descriptive.

But, after struggling to be able to correct it, since in Linux probe of everything after the installation, and it still didn't work, the next day I decided to try it back and it was perfect.
Sure, I  needed to reboot to apply the changes. (In windows I still couldn't)

Only 2 weeks left to finish and I am already feeling a little nostalgic.

There are some very interesting topics I was seeing, some related to Apache.

I could see that in a moment in the .local / share folder on the linux mint platform an .xbel file began to appear.
The description of each new file generated on the machine in xml format and the address points to
Let's see if I understand, something is generating this file now?
Why does the GTK need this information?Its strange.
For now this is not relevant but I wanted to share it, I will be seeing how to delete it after the end of gsoc with psf.

Note: I was able to run the Apache 2.4.9 server on Linux but with error 403.

I could also find how to fix the unicode error when trying to decode using.
.decode ('unicode_escape'), instead of .decode ('utf-8')
It is not yet implemented.

I will advance as much as I can with the tests, and  the web service testing with ladon.


Regards and Good Week!