Eighth week of GSoC: Mixed tasks and progress

Published: 07/21/2019

Two thirds of the GSoC program are already over - time is passing very quickly. This past week, we made some progress with the mne-study-template and making it usable with BIDS formatted data.

Alex has improved the flow substantially, with Mainak serving as the "Continuous Integration service", regularly running different datasets to the pipeline and reporting where they get stuck. My own tasks were very diverse this week:

MNE-BIDS maintenance

I fixed several bugs with MNE-BIDS that we found while working on the study template. For example:

Reviewing and user support

Furthermore, I was very happy to see many issues raised on MNE-BIDS. The issues showed that more and more people are picking up MNE-BIDS and using it in their data analysis pipelines. However, that also meant that in the last week, I did more user support and reviewing of pull requests than usual.

For example, a nice pull request that I reviewed was done by Marijn (who is also an MNE-Python contributor). He improved MNE-BIDS' find_matching_sidecar function by introducing a "race for the best candidate" of the matching sidecar file.

Work on mne-study-template

Finally, I also worked on the mne-study-template myself - however, my contributions were rather modest. I mostly cleaned up the configuration files, formatted testing data, and made workflows work where they got stuck.

See for example here.

Next week, I want to work more on the mne-study-template.