Seventh week of GSoC: Just a status report

Published: 07/14/2019

1. What did you do this week?

Main work:

  • I improved MNE-BIDS's "read_raw_bids" function in PR #219 by allowing it to automatically set channel types in a "raw" object by parsing an accompanying BIDS channels.tsv file
  • I worked on the MNE-STUDY-TEMPLATE, making it work for the first step "loading and filtering" for a different dataset and modality than it was intended for
  • I started a PR (#221) to expose the MNE-BIDS "copyfile functions" to the command line interface

Other work:

  • User support in MNE-BIDS and MNE-Python over the issues
  • Bugfix in MNE-BIDS (PR #217)
  • Made dev docs accessible for MNE-BIDS via the CircleCI API (PR #216)
  • ... and lots of other stuff. As usual, I keep my log on my GSoC repository

2. What is coming up next?

I will ...

  • finish the PR on improving the MNE-BIDS command line (including docs)
  • Go back to the MNE-STUDY-TEMPLATE and try to make it work for the EEG data beyond the filtering
  • Make a dedicated example to MNE-BIDS' read_raw_bids function
  • allow read_raw_bids to read the digitization files accompanying a raw data file

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

As usual, there were many minor points where I got stuck. And as usual, I got lots of support from my mentoring team. This week, there was nothing serious however :-)

Some examples:

  • Trying to kill the warnings MNE-BIDS currently throws when running the tests
  • Fighting with Freesurfer and the MNE bindings to Freesurfer