Weekly check-in #1

Published: 06/10/2021

Hello, world! My name is Sayandip Halder. I am a final year undergrad at Jadavpur University. I am working to implement ndarray-compatible API for Pytaco in the Sparse project. I will be implementing the APIs for the tensor and the sparse objects, add tests and finally add documentation for the implemented classes.

1. What did I do this week?

During the community bonding period I worked on transferring the current pytest-based Sparse test suite to Hypothesis in this PR.

I went through the documentation of cmake and scikit-build. I started this pull request that aims to install and compile taco along during sparse installation.

2. What is coming up next?

The next week will probably see me implementing the actual API of the combined pytaco sparse project.

3. Did I get stuck anywhere?

Moving the test suite seemed easy initially but there are several cases which I haven't been able to correctly generate.

I was not familiar with cmake and scikit-build so going through the docs for the first time was a challenge. The PR needs some more work.