Weekly check-in #2

Published: 06/16/2021

What did I do this week

The first three days were spent figuring out how to correctly configure the scikit-build installation. I had a Gmeet meeting with Hameer Abbasi where we tried to solve the issue. Hameer managed to solve most of the issues barring an issue with the setup.py file. The PR has been stalled for the time being.

I have made a PR to add TACO as a submodule.

I am currently working on the implementation of the tensor class. I have started a PR on that too.

What is coming up?

Implementation of the tensor functions, which I've compiled a list of.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes. As of now the setup.py issue is bugging me. I am still trying to get the rest of the tests passed in the test suit migration PR. As of now only 15 tests are failing.

I spent quite some time trying to figure out how the tensor class will be designed. Getting stuck several times has led to fewer work being done in the previous two weeks than I had hoped. However, I'm getting the hang of it now and hoping to speed up the work in the next week.