Weekly Check-In | GSoc | #11

Published: 08/11/2020

Greetings, People of the world!


Last phase for choosing has begun! I'm super excited about completing the project.


1. What did you do this week?


This week I added customization feature for animated icons. And with this icon customization is complete! Though I'll be adding a few additional features which will be like a cherry on the cake.😉


2. What is coming up next?


This week I will be working on adding a new feature as suggested by my mentors. There will be a sharable URL for each icon which when followed by a user will take them to the cheatsheet and that icon will be highlighted.



3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes i did. There was an issue with previewing the animated icons while editing. Majorly the problem was with showing live changes in the preview while editing. My mentors help me with this and we got amazing result!