Weekly Blog Post | GSoc | #12

Published: 08/18/2020

Greetings, People of the world!


It was the second last week and I pushed my last piece of code.Not sure how to tell how it felt but it was exciting and it was sad. Exciting because I did feel like I accomplished something this summer when I pushed my last piece of code but I felt sad that this program is coming to it last stage. Well, there's still a week left. I am gonna make the most out of it (By making icons tho cheeky).


1. What did you do this week?

I worked on adding a new feature as suggested by my mentors and pushed the final code for that feature on the weekend. As per this feature, each icon gets a sharable URL and the user can copy and share the URL and anyone who follows that URL will be directed to redirected to EOS icons cheat-sheet and the Icon for which the URL was shared will be highlighted. I also started making animated icons.


2. What is coming up next?

This week I will add as many animated icons as possible to the existing icons pack.


3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yes I was a bit confused about what should I do, give each icon a unique sharable URL in real time or make a button to share the icon. After consulting my mentors We decided about the first option and then it all happened with ease.