Weekly Check-In | GSoc | #13

Published: 08/26/2020

Greetings, People of the world!

The last week of coding phase was easy, kinda fun but emotional since its like something really amazing is coming to an end. Though will always stay a part of this community but the GSOC experience is something full of thrill and excitement at every moment.


1. What did I do this week?

Built a few animated icons and they are now available on https://icons.eosdesignsystem.com/ To anyone who might go and check them out, Do try editing them too according to how you need them. wink


2. What is coming up next?

Wrapping things up and looking forward to add more animated icons to the animated icon set. And any final changes or updates that my mentors will suggest.


3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

Nope! It was a simple easy week. Was fun. Ahh! gonna miss this experience!!!