Week 0 : a nuevos comienzos 🌅

Published: 06/24/2022

Hey everyone, I am Shivam Shandilya, final year student at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India. This blogs aims to serve as a medium to record my experience as a contributor for PyZombis project under Python Argetina with PSF.

In this blog I will try my best to share the problems I face as I proceed and the thought process that I hope will get me to the final solution. I also plan to share with the readers the inputs received from my mentors so we know what areas required what kind of work.

This week marks the beginning of my GSoC experience and this time has been provided to us to bond with fellow contributors in this program. I had the pleasure to talk to some of the contributors of other projects and know their experience of getting into GSoC. I also had the opportunity to share my experience of open source and Python Argentina. We all agreed that it was the promptness and willingness of the maintainers to help us anytime that got us through. Thus I would like to begin my journey by thanking my mentors Mariano Reingart and Utkarsh Kumar for their help and constant support.

Looking for a great summer with you all.