GSoC Week 4: import rich:

Published: 06/22/2020

What I did this week?

I worked on adding color to the console as well as log. I'm using rich library for that. The reason why I choose this library is that rich supports cross platform implementaion and it's ability to detect terminal and adjust acoordingly is awesome. It supports mainly every terminal and even remove color codes if it detects that the output is not console. Now we can generate colored output for the console.

What is coming up next?

As the size of OutputEngine is growing and we have many different implementations inside a single file. I'll work to refactor the code so that it is more maintainable. Also I will work to add tests for the HTML output. Currently I'm learning different ways in which I can test the HTML output. 

Have I got stuck anywhere?

This week I was lucky and haven't met with any unneccessary blockages.