GSoC Week 5: Priority Matters

Published: 06/29/2020

What I did this week?

Instead of working on HTML output tests I worked on normalizing the package name and the module name because they were creating confusion so I prioritized that. I also added Vendor field in Console, CSV and JSON. So now we'll get output as Vendor, Product, Version, CVE Number, Severity. That will help distinguish between products that have same name but different vendors. Also I found that our console output is failing on windows, thanks to Niraj-Kamdar who was working on improving windows tests. So I also fixed that issue but as the issue was related to rich so I contacted the developer of rich because this issue can be faced by others. So he worked and released rich version 3.0.0 which he thinks can solve our error. Though I have not tested that But I think that will solve our problem in a very efficient way. Thanks to the developer of rich.

What is coming up next?

As things are changing fast I hope to work on the last week leftovers. But I guess I'll need to work on improving the filepath description in the logs to be more precise and hierarchical manner. And we also need to store that to produce the list of affected files somehow and show that in HTML Reports if necessary.

Have I got stuck anywhere?

There were some priority changes so I had to change my plans. But there were no problems encountered this week so far.