GSoC Week 7: Templates Tutorial

Published: 07/16/2020

What I did this week?

I researched for the HTML Report design that is good looking  and more feature rich. I have been working on and developing it. The new HTML Report will have support for Triage stuff. So that the user can quickly navigate to CVEs with specified remarks. I have also added a footer with useful links like our github, community IRC, and instructions on how to raise an issue.   

What is coming up next?

As discussed in our weekly meeting and as specified in issue #808 we want to let the user specify his own HTML templates if for any reason they want to update that. So to support this I'll write a complete Tutorial on How to add your own templates? and what are the things the user must handel in their Templates. 

Have I got stuck anywhere?

For now I was working on my research and design so I good to go.