GSoC Week 6: Begin the Phase 2

Published: 07/09/2020

What I did this week?

As mentioned I worked on refactoring output_engine due to its increasing size. It will now be easy to maintain although I have not sumbitted a PR because I need the latest PR by Niraj to work and I'm waiting to get that merged. As soon as that gets merged I'll file a 2 PRs one refactoring output_engine and other adding the exact path to the extracted files. That issue was also on our priority list. But I have not added that in our HTML and we are just storing that for now and it will be covered in the future updates.

What is coming up next?

For now I'll be researching on my future goals and I'll work to update the HTML reports according to the Triage stuff and according to the new Paths that the user might want to see in their HTML reports. New HTML design will contain changes acccording to the new Triage stuff that Niraj kamdar has added  Like New Found, Mitigated, Ignored etc. 

Have I got stuck anywhere?

I'm stuck because I need the latest PR by Niraj to get merged in order to work Although I have started and completed my work on top of the Niraj's Latest PR but That PR might need some changes and I'll need to incorporate those changes in my PR too.