Weekly Check-In #8

Published: 07/25/2019

A lot of fixes and new features came up this week. It was kind of a busy week.

We mostly worked on Search Engine Optimization (yes, SEO). We didn't really change any content but added appropriate meta description tags, created a uniform title format for both python-gsoc.org and blogs.python-gsoc.org. Also, we used services from search engines (yes, Google) to analyze our site for both PC and mobile performance. Some content was weird for mobiles, so we fixed that. We also created proper sitemaps for both the sites.

Except this, we also created a Send Email admin panel to send customized emails. It's like a small email client which can be used to sent emails. This will be used for sending emails to mentors and suborg admins or maybe some students when needed. It also has the feature of sending emails to groups like students, mentors, etc. The blog editor now also has options to upload image and attachments just by dragging and dropping. Yes, pretty useful and a cool feature right? :p

I'm gonna finish the leftover issues as fast as possible and get to testing!