We are almost there now!

Published: 07/25/2019

Yes, we have almost finished implementing all the functionalities! It feels kinda sad that GSoC is going to end in a matter of weeks now. But nevertheless, this experience has been an enriching one for me. I am grateful to my mentor for his wonderful support throughout this. He has guided me through the whole development phase and helped me to be focused on the timeline and to keep a track of the bugs that come up.

What have I learnt from this till now? Well, the fact that software engineering is not an easy job! Especially when a couple of developers build a software it's easy to miss out a lot of cases which will surely come up as bugs. And even this has happened in our case, a new bug comes up while trying to fix an older one. So yeah, we need to keep an eye out for bugs, it's not always possible to build everything perfectly from the beginning.

Also, there has been times when I had a vision of building something (maybe implementing a feature) with utmost perfection and I was not being able to do that. Thanks to my mentor for pointing out that the vision I had was not something feasible and that we need to approach it in a different way. This was an important lesson for me as to what might seem to be perfect might not be perfect at all because it is not feasible.

And also a full testing is coming up now! I have never done this before and thus am looking forward to it very much. It will be a totally new experience and I hope it will be enjoyable. I guess more bugs will come up now :p.