Week #10

Published: 08/07/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

First and foremost, I dedicated my efforts to completing my previous pull request, PR #291. I worked diligently to address and fix any missing parts,.

After successfully finalizing the aforementioned PR, I enthusiastically delved into my final task for this year's GSoC. Making significant strides, I am excited about the progress I have made. While the work on this task is not yet pushed and made into a PR, I am confident that I will accomplish this step with ease and deliver exceptional results.

Did I Get Stuck Somewhere?

Fortunately, the journey has been relatively smooth with just a small bump while working on PR #291. The challenges encountered were quickly overcome, thanks to my determination and the valuable support of the community.

What's Next

With the end of GSoC drawing near, my focus remains on completing the pending tasks. I am determined to put forth my best efforts in wrapping up the final components of the project.

Additionally, I am eagerly looking forward to preparing the final project showcase. This showcase will be submitted for the final evaluation, highlighting the culmination of my hard work and contributions throughout this journey.

As I move forward, I am eager to have the pending pull requests reviewed. The collaborative spirit of the community ensures that the project is thoroughly examined and polished before its final presentation.