Week #11

Published: 08/14/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

During this week, I have been productive in my GSoC journey. I'm pleased to announce that I have made significant progress on my project. Specifically, I've taken PR #291 and prepared it, making it ready for review by the project maintainers. Additionally, I'm in the process of creating a draft pull request for the final part of my GSoC proposal.


Did I Get Stuck Somewhere?

Fortunately, this week has been relatively smooth, and I haven't encountered any significant obstacles. I've managed to navigate through the tasks efficiently.


What's Next

As I look forward, my immediate goal is to complete the final part of my GSoC proposal and compile all my contributions to create a comprehensive project showcase. This showcase will be instrumental for the final evaluation and submission to successfully conclude this year's GSoC.

I'm motivated to continue giving my best effort and to ensure that my contributions are well-prepared for review. I'm excited about the upcoming final stages of GSoC, and I'm confident in my ability to meet the requirements and achieve my goals.