Week #5

Published: 07/03/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

I'm thrilled to share my latest progress! This week, I worked on drafting a new pull request (PR #290) in the PyZombis repository. This PR introduces a PyScript REPL component with amazing features like syntax highlighting, auto indentation, and keyword suggestions. It's an exciting addition to the project, enhancing the user experience and making code experimentation more interactive.

Additionally, I opened two new issue tickets (#289 and #288). These tickets highlight areas that require attention and improvement, ensuring the continuous growth and refinement of the project.

Furthermore, I received approvals for three out of my four pending pull requests.

Did I get stuck somewhere

One particular issue I faced involved a page where I needed to insert plain HTML, but the browser was rendering it instead. It took some time and collaboration with my mentors to find a workaround. Since we are utilizing reStructuredText (rst) to create the site, conventional website techniques don't always apply. With the guidance of my mentors, I overcame this hurdle and achieved the desired outcome

Whats Next

As the mid-term evaluation approaches, my focus for the upcoming weeks will be to complete the pending tasks and goals. It's a crucial time to wrap up any ongoing work, address feedback, and ensure that my contributions align with the project's objectives.

One area I'm particularly excited to explore is improving the REPL functionality. I aim to enhance it by allowing the component to take code as a prop and render it while loading. This extension would add a valuable feature to the project and further elevate the user experience.

With the mid-term evaluation in sight, I'll continue to push myself, collaborate with my mentors, and contribute my best to make this GSoC journey a remarkable success.