Week #6

Published: 07/10/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

In the past week, my primary focus was on finalizing the changes and edits that were scheduled to be completed by the mid-term evaluation. I dedicated my time and effort to ensure that all the necessary adjustments were made, addressing any feedback or suggestions provided by my mentors. It was an opportunity to refine my work and bring it closer to completion.

Did I get stuck somewhere

Fortunately, I didn't encounter any major roadblocks or obstacles that halted my progress. However, like any coding journey, there were a few minor problems and errors that needed attention along the way.

Whats Next

As we move beyond the mid-term evaluation, my focus will shift towards completing any outstanding issues or suggestions flagged by my mentors. Their valuable feedback is essential in shaping the project and ensuring its success. Looking ahead, the second phase of my proposal awaits. I'm excited to delve deeper into my project, exploring new features, implementing enhancements, and making further progress towards achieving the proposed goals. With renewed energy and a clearer vision, I am ready to tackle the challenges and embark on this next phase with enthusiasm.