Week #8

Published: 07/23/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

I'm pleased to report that my contributions have been steadily progressing. Although I may have gone a bit slower than expected, the remaining part of my proposal is well on track. One notable task that I started working on was converting Reto3 into an activity, as mentioned in my proposal. This enhancement will add more value and interactivity to the project, enriching the learning experience for users.

Did I get stuck somewhere

Inevitably, I faced some challenges along the way. There were moments when I couldn't figure out the best approach to convert certain elements, leading to normal doubts and uncertainties. However, I am proud to share that I overcame these obstacles through perseverance, research, and reaching out for guidance when needed. With the support of my mentors and the community, I gained the confidence to navigate through the challenges and make progress.

Whats Next

As I look forward, there are still four weeks left in the GSoC journey, and I have two tasks pending. My goal is to complete one of these tasks by the end of next week, dedicating my time and focus to delivering a high-quality solution.

The second task requires two weeks of effort, and I am determined to give it my all, leveraging the remaining time to create an impactful and polished addition to the project.

With one week remaining after these tasks, I plan to prepare diligently for the end-term evaluation. This involves generating comprehensive tests, ensuring all aspects of my contributions are thoroughly tested and fixing any pending issues that may arise.