Week #7

Published: 07/16/2023

What I Accomplished This Week

I am thrilled to share that I successfully completed the mid-term evaluation and passed with flying colors!. This achievement marks an important milestone, validating the progress made during the first phase of my GSoC journey.

With the evaluation behind me, I wasted no time in diving into the next phase of my proposal. I embarked on new challenges, ready to build upon the foundations laid in the previous phase and take my project to the next level.

Did I get stuck somewhere

Fortunately, I did not encounter any major challenges this week. However, I did receive valuable feedback during the mid-term evaluation. I am grateful for this input as it provides me with insights and suggestions for improvement. I will diligently incorporate this feedback into my work during the next phase, ensuring that I continue to grow and deliver the best possible results.


Whats Next

Looking ahead, my focus for the upcoming weeks will be on getting my pending pull requests merged. I will work closely with the project community, addressing any feedback or suggestions to ensure the smooth integration of my contributions. This collaborative effort will bring us closer to the completion of this phase and the overall success of the project.

Additionally, I am excited to begin creating pygame exercises and other lessons using the groundwork laid in the previous phase. This phase will be a culmination of the skills and knowledge I have acquired so far, as I develop engaging and interactive content that will benefit learners in their educational journey.