Weekly Blog Post | GSOC'21 | #4

Published: 06/28/2021

Hello Everyone!!

This blog post marks the beginning of the 4th week of my GSOC journey. Talking about the work I did during my 3rd week, I was not able to give enough time as I was a little busy with some of my college society work. However, since I am free from that work now, this week I will be working a little extra to make up for that.

Work done this week

Now talking about the improvements made this week, we have replaced CKEditor 5 with a markdown editor after discussing with my mentors, since customising CKEditor 5 as per our needs would have required us to create and maintain a new build of CKEditor which would have been quite cumbersome. Hence we decided to go for a markdown editor instead for now.

What's coming up next?

I have added shareable search results for product and category filters. I will be expanding it for other filters this week and create a PR soon. Apart from that my mentors suggested about working on improving the code quality for the frontend, since the codebase has grown bigger as more and more features have been added. So it is necessary to remove redundancy and make the components more reusable before adding features further. Hence we will be working in that direction along with the Cypress tests this week, once we are done with the features that are in progress.

So that's all in this blog post. Happy coding :)