Weekly Check-In | GSOC'21 | #3

Published: 06/21/2021

Hey Folks! I hope you're doing well.

What did I do this week?

This week the PR to seed the strapi server in test environment got merged. However, after merging it we realised that there were certain issues with my approach of creating the docker images. Basically, the issue was with the way I had tagged the images, so I've submitted a PR fixing the issue. I also updated the previously written Cypress tests, to use the newly seeded data. Once, the docker image setup is fixed this week, we would be all set to write more tests, & run them in github actions.

Apart from that, I also worked on implementing the request templates feature. Creating the strapi collection for this and setting up it on the frontend was simple. However, one of the challenging part is to add the support for custom placeholder text in CKEditor, about which I am researching a bit.

What is coming up next?

I will add the support for custom placeholder in template text. After that I will be updating the test suite, to include some of the newly added features. I will also try to add the shareable search results feature.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I was stuck in figuring out the implementation of placeholder text, in request templates. I implemented a hacky solution for this, and after discussing about this with my mentors, the general conclusion was that it can be made better. So I spent some time learning the architecture of CKEditor and how to configure it. So far, I have figured out some of the bits and pieces that will be used to implement the feature, and now its time to put it all together.

Next week I will be sharing more about the final implementation request templates feature. So that's all for this blog post, thank you for reading.