Blog #12

Published: 09/07/2022


This week I worked on refactoring of top, side and linear views. I completed refactoring Top view and pushed a commit for the same. My mentors reviewed it and I got some feedback. I incorporated their feedback and I started working on the side view and linear view. Plotting in side view was having some issues and I asked some doubts to my mentors regarding that. I got the answers and I’m currently working on it. As I don't have any classes in my college due to Onam vacation, I’m able to work on my project full-time and communicate frequently with my mentors. In the coming week, I’ll be working on testing all the Plotting classes in the plot module and also I will start with refactoring plotting of the flight paths in all views as well. I also see that some tests are failing in my PR. I had a look into it and will fix it at the earliest. While working, I got stuck for a while because the local testing wasn’t working well on my PC and I had to install MSS again to make it work. My mid- evaluations are happening this week so I’m excited about it and I also hope to finish refactoring of the Interactor classes before evaluation.

: )