Weekly Check-In #13

Published: 09/12/2022


What did you do this week?
This week I had my mid-term evaluations. I answered the questions on my evaluations and continued working on testing Top view in the plot module. On Sept 10 morning, I got an email saying I passed my evaluations. I was really happy and I also read my mentor's feedback. We had a meeting on Thursday where we discussed the upcoming plans. My mentor Joern scheduled a meet with me on Monday to clarify doubts and to discuss about refactoring the Interactor classes. I also had a doubt regarding the testing of Top view, which I asked during the meet today. Joern helped me by telling his suggestions on slack. I’m currently looking into the comments and trying to make it work.

What is coming up next?
In the coming week I’ll complete testing for Top, Side and Linear views.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
No, I didn’t get stuck anywhere.

: )