Coding Period: Week 11

Published: 08/11/2019

Hey everyone!! This is what I did this week. In this phase, I worked mostly on getting my previous patches on hg continue merged and on hg update --abort.

What did I do this week?
This week I was asked to make some modifications on the patches that I previously sent regarding hg continue . I had to refactor things for graft and clean up the code. Further, I had to modify the code for transplant too. I also worked on hg transplant --abort and it is still under review.
The code for
hg update --abort is still under progress.
What is coming up next?

This week I am planning to get hg continue series and hg transplant --abort merged. Also, I would like to get hg update --abort to a decent review level.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
This week I did not get into any major problem. While refactoring code for graft I did face the problem of not being able to remove opts as the argument from updateopts function. However, I later realized that opts were not being loaded properly which was causing the bug . I will try to resolve this bug this week.