Coding Period: Week 12

Published: 08/18/2019

Hello everyone! This is one of the last blogposts. This week I worked on the last features I needed to add in my GSoC period i.e. hg update --abort

What did I do this week?
As stated in the previous week I worked on hg transplant --abort. As suggested by @Pulkit it was modified to --stop flag and finally got it merged [1]. I also resolved most of the hg continue series of patches.
Later this week I was finally able to deduce a logic for
hg update --abort and sent a patch for that [2]. It is still under review though.

What is coming up next?

As almost all patches are dealt with I will modify the patch for hg update --abort as suggested by the community and get that merged.
I will also the continue patches for
evolve at the beginning of the next week and get them merged too.
This issue has been one of the most requested features and I am really happy that I could work on this and get it resolved. Also in this week, I will be working on my GSoC 19 blog which is supposed to be attached as prescribed by final product submission guidelines.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
I got stuck regarding the logic of hg update --abort for long enough but a deeper understanding of mergestate and associated functions help me deduce a logic which was not functional initially but later this week I was able to make it work. I am still adding more extensive test cases for it to make the feature perfect. It is one of the most interesting features that I have worked on this summer which involved developing a deeper understanding of the merge and update workflow.