Final Checkin

Published: 08/25/2019


Hey everyone! This is my final blog post here. GSoC 19 has finally come to its end. This week I mostly worked on hg abort --update

What did I do this week?

This week I worked on writing intensive-tests for hg update --abort
As suggested by @mharbison72 I worked on cases where we need to take considerations of subrepos and check cases where a subrepo is dirty and cases where more than one subrepo is present and conflicts for one or more of them is resolved but not all conflicts are resolved so as to check the unmark feature. The patch is still under review but it too will soon get accepted.

Did you get stuck anywhere?
I did not get on anything major this week . I did have to perfect the code considering some endpoint cases but it came around fine enough.


Finally, I would like to  thank Pulkit for reviewing the patches and solving the doubts despite having a busy schedule, Martin and other people in the community for teaching the basic etiquettes and facts required to be a better open-source contributor and solving the doubts no matter how silly they were.

Adios !