GSoC Weekly Blog #6

Published: 08/17/2020

This week I finished all the functionalities and tests that I had proposed in my GSoC proposal. There is currently a very tricky bug in one of the tests for the waypoints merge dialog which needs to be fixed but other than that I am pretty much done with my work. My mentors had a meeting today where they all tested out my work together to see if any changes need to be made or if there are any bugs. They found some small bugs and UI fixes. I have fixed most of them and it would take another day to fix all the remaining ones.

This last week before submission, I have to fix the database seed script which won't take much time and then finish up my documentation and make the final report of my work for submission.

The most tough part for me has been writing tests this week. I wish there was a better testing support for PyQt because there are many simple things which are missing from it and the documentation of is also not completed. However, I have been able to keep a good test coverage of all my work.