GSoC Weekly Check-In #7

Published: 08/24/2020

What did I do last week?
This last week of the coding phase, I went through the bug list that was made by mentors doing a thorough test and fixed them all. I improved the UI a little bit and added a "help" dialog for mscolab so new users can quickly get acquainted with all the features mscolab has to offer. After this I cleaned up the database setup script for mscolab and added database seed options. Now setting up mscolab is much easier than before and can work with multiple databases - sqlite, mysql, postgreSQL etc. 

What will I do this week?
Now all that's left is a little documentation fix and finishing up my report page for final GSoC submission. I can't believe how fast these 3 months went by and now I am in the final week of GSoClaugh

Did I get stuck anywhere?
No. smiley