GSoC Weekly Blog #7

Published: 08/31/2020

After 3 months filled with coding, debugging and testing, GSoC'20 has finally come to an end. I spent this last week wrapping up the documentation and finishing up my final submission report for GSoC. I also discussed with my mentors the future steps we'll take with Mscolab.

My code was just recently merged with the develop branch of MSS and all tests passed!. I am really excited to have users use a piece of software that I wrote. I am already planning on what I want to work on in MSS after GSoC is over as there is a lot I canĀ learn while working on this project.

These past 3 months have improved my coding skills significantly and introduced me to the amazing mentors at MSS. My time during GSoC has been absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to contribute to more interesting open source project. I hope next year, I would be able to mentor some bright students who are working on MSSĀ smiley.