Week 15 Review

Published: 09/14/2023


This week I made headwinds into the Profile Sidebar project. Specifically, I implemented the profile selector into a sidebar, removed the old profile selector GUI elements, updated the profile add/delete buttons to be separate and right aligned from the profile import/rename buttons. Additionally, I created a new "Misc" button that sits below the profile selector in the sidebar. This button opens a new interface I created that houses universal application options such as "settings" and "about". It will also eventually house a "repository management" tab, however that will be implemented in a separate PR. The idea behind these changes is to separate out the profile specific interface "archives, sources, repository, schedule" from the universal items "settings, about, repository management".


I had never before created a ".ui" file. so this was challenging to figure out for the first time. I was able to reuse the misc_tab ui page for the new settings tab, however I created the "about" tab UI from scratch. I used the other .ui files as reference and put the about tab together in a way that looks clean and formatted well.

The week ahead:

This week I am going to put the finishing touches on the "about" tab and begin working on the "repository management" tab (which will be a separate PR). Also, I have a few PRs open for bugs that I discovered while testing Vorta, and I will continue to work on these until they are in a position to get merged into master.