Week 16 and 17 Review

Published: 09/25/2023


The last two weeks I had been interviewing for a job with Apple, and I got the position! This process took some of my time away, however I communicated this with my mentor, Manu, and also had some smaller wins in this time. First, I got two PR's merged. One was the PR that fixed an issue I discovered during my test coverage project: an issue with the Archive action buttons and the context menu buttons not being in sync, allowing for users to delete multiple archives at the same time. I outlined the bug here, and my PR that fixed the bug can be found here. Another PR I got merged in addressed a different issue I found during my testing coverage project, an issue in which users were able to do in-line renaming of archives while a background action was occurring, leading to various issues. This issue can be found here, and the PR I made to correct the issue can be found here. In addition to these PR's I also made various improvements to the SSH box PR, and continued work on the Profile Sidebar project


This week I had a productive meeting with Manu, where we discussed the current open PR's and the progress needed to get them to a place of merging. For the profile sidebar, we discussed some adjustments that can be made to the profile options buttons as well as the misc button. We also discussed the remaining work on the test suite improvements and SSH Box PR.


The biggest challenges I faced this week were balancing my interview prep time and GSoC work. Now that I got the job offer and have completed all on-boarding work relating to the job, I can focus on the GSoC projects remaining before my start date in a couple of weeks.

The week ahead:

The week ahead will be a big one - I plan to complete all the currently open PR's and finish up the test suite project. If all goes to plan, I could even finish up the profile sidebar project, however that will likely spill into the next week or two. Once these projects are complete, I will be able to put the finish touches on the GSoC work and begin compiling things for my final submission.