Week #7: More Reviews on my PR

Published: 07/26/2021

What did you do this week?

I got a few more reviews on my PR last week. It engendered a interesting discussion on the level of detail we should add in the tutorials. There a few subtle concepts that need to be elucidated for general users to adopt the new API easily. Christoph committed a draft with new description to help explain those concepts better. There also also some other discussions on what to name of the method to sample random numbers from and how to point the users to the new Generator API. As I have an exam coming up next week (details in next section), I was a little quite this week.

What is comping up next?

I will be addressing the reviews on my PR. I also want to benchmark some methods to sample from discrete distribution sometime later. I have my GRE examinations next week on 2'nd August (Monday) so this week might be more silence from my side :) But I will resume my regular schedule right after the exam.

Did you get stuck anywhere?