Week #8: Addressing Reviews

Published: 08/05/2021

What did you do this week?

Sorry, I am late publishing this blog! I will resume my regular schedule next week. I spent this week addressing the reviews on my PR. There were comments on the documentation suite and tutorials on formatting issues, obscure phrasing, and naming conventions. As we are getting near the deadline, we decided to leave larger enhancements to docs and tutorials to a follow-up PR. Only a few comments are left to be addressed which I hope to complete by the next week. Also, Nicholas reviewed the C/Cython code again and approved those changes.

What is coming up next?

As GSoC deadline is approaching, we have also decided to try and merge the PR early in the week of August 8 so that more UNU.RAN methods can be added in these last few weeks of the program. I also want to clean up the C/Cython code and go through the docs and tests again to resolve typos and grammatical errors, if any. There are two approvals on the PR already so, hopefully, we could achieve this deadline.

Did you get stuck anywhere?