Google Summer of Code with Nuitka 4th Blog Post

Published: 07/22/2019

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This week, I continued to work on my script which automates the testing of nuitka-wheel pytest. Details can be found on my pull request:


The script automates the manual testing of comparing pytest results of a nuitka compiled wheel using `python bdist_nuitka` to the pytest results of an uncompiled wheel built using `python bdist_wheel` for the most popular PyPI packages. Testing is done to ensure that nuitka is building the wheel correctly. If the pytests pass/fail in the same way, that means Nuitka built the wheel properly. Else if the tests differ, then something is wrong. Virtualenv is used to create a clean environment with no outside pollution.


There were a lot of changes made this week.

  • Added an `__import__` check to make sure pytest used the correct (uncompiled or compiled) package

  • Added a mechanism to ignore certain tests which are unimportant (fixed the comparison issue for urllib3)

  • Added coloring to output for better visuals

  • Added a summary of all packages at the very end of testing

  • Extended testing to many more packages

  • Added local caching of `git clone`

  • Many run time improvements


Very proud of the work I have done this week. The plan for next week is to extend the automation to more PyPI packages.