Google Summer of Code with Nuitka 4th Weekly Check-in

Published: 07/16/2019

1. What did you do this week?
This week, I worked on my script which automates the testing of nuitka-wheel pytest. Details can be found on my pull request:
Automated testing compares the pytest results of a nuitka wheel built using python bdist_nuitka to the uncompiled bdist_wheel pytest of each PyPI package. Testing is done to ensure that nuitka is building the wheel correctly. If the pytests pass/fail in the same way, that means Nuitka built the wheel properly. Else if the tests differ, then something is wrong. Virtualenv is used to create a clean environment with no outside pollution.
I used subprocess to capture the output from terminal for comparison. I also implemented mechanics to ignore the time differences found in pytests. Furthermore, the testing has been extended to three more packages.

2. What is coming up next?
Perfect the automation and extend the testing to even more PyPI packages. There are also bugs regarding PermissionError on the deletion of the .git folder that need to be fixed. Furthermore, there are inconsistencies between different packages which require special handling.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?
Yes, output comparison took account of the time differences from pytests when that should have been ignored. I came up with a solution using regular expressions to find and standardize the time differences.