Blog Post #1

Published: 06/13/2021

In this blog I briefly talk about the work done and issues fixed in week 1 and what I will be doing for the following 2nd week.

What did I do?

The first week of my GSOC experience proved to be a great and fruitful as I successfully completed the week’s tasks under the guidance of my mentors. During the first week my task was to fix issues that arose due to the merging of PR #25 into the main branch. This PR replaced M2Cryto as the standard library for cryptographic recipes. These issues included support inline passing of certificate and key in script and passphrase support for encoding the private key. Along with these issues my PR-- PR#58 also added more unit tests for
Apart for this particular PR, more 2 of my PR’s were merged which fixed minor bugs(PR #57) and added pytest-vcr support(PR #56) for dummy tests.

What will I be doing next?

Now for my 2nd week I have to work on testing script. Mainly my work will be to develop unit tests that adapt to the current test suite and improve the tests using fixtures and VCR. Although working on test-coverage is scheduled for later weeks, I will be developing the tests keeping the overall test-coverage in mind as the final test-coverage goal is set at 85%.
Needless to say I had lot of fun during the 1st week, mainly during developing tests as seeing them pass is the best feeling ever 😉. Also I am very grateful to my mentors who have made the environment very comfortable to work in. They are there to listen to my silliest queries and are very prompt in their replies. Looking forward to their guidance as I enter the 2nd week of my GSOC experience.