Weekly Check-In #1

Published: 06/08/2021

Hello! My name is Utkarsh. I am working this summer with Python Argentina for the project Pyafipws. During all GSOC period I will be posting each week here on my blog updates of my work, starting today! The community bonding period helped me to know my mentors and setup a working plan for the next weeks.I put the milestones mentioned on my proposal as GitHub milestones in my forked repo.I run few tests using pytest VCR.There were few errors in wsaa.py and wsfev1.py which I fixed it.I kept on practicing writing unit tests with VCR for Wsfev1.CompUltimoAutorizado,Wsfev1.CompConsultar methods.I will merge pull requests of previous gsoc in new branch with new features this week.There are some errors which I need to fix in wsfev1.py and also I will keep writing tests and run them.I was not able to generate TA.xml from wsaa.py in new branch and also there were few errors coming while running the tests.But my mentors are very helpful, they helped me a lot and that is the reason I was able to fix this issues.Hoping for great summer ahead!!