[#2] The week that has been @ 2048

Published: 06/04/2019


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Week #2 - 28/05 to 04/06

Well, this has been a good week of learning about new things, revising old concepts and reading implementation of one of the oldest modules in Python to understand the idea behind Python Packaging. I feel bad about not able to write a lot of code,  but I think without understanding the existing code base the way forward would have been fruitless, and more disappointing. So, let’s start by answering our 3 infamous questions and later give you a broad picture into Python Packaging as I will try to explain it to you like a 5-year-old.

What did you do this week?

Well, the PR’s that I was working for regarding some critical fixes to docs have been merged. Thanks to Renne, Adrian and Julio for getting my first PR merged. I also worked on creating draft pipeline of validation of data through cerberus. Got completely sidetracked in that regard as I got busy trying to make sense of the entire code flow and answering some serious questions about python packaging, spidermon directory structure, as well as new things such as

  1. Absolute vs relative imports - Why we use them?

  2. Code Quality, linting, testing, deployment, and best practices to make it better.

  3. Decorators in Python

  4. Access modifiers and real usecases in production ready code

  5. Just for kicks, I created my own package. It was fun as well as quite a learning experience for me.


Status of the mini-project: Well, after validation bit was completed. I completed its purpose and that’s where I left it. I will start work on PostgreSQL pipelines next, whenever I feel like.


Otherwise, a good week nonetheless.

Issue tracking is now setup with GitHub Projects, Check it out here - https://github.com/vipulgupta2048/spidermon/projects/1


What is coming up next?

Well, in the recent meeting. My mentors, Renne and Julio did me a solid to help me figure out the real picture of how Spidermon works from start to validate to finish. I am not sure how I would have connected all the bits and pieces involved in this project. Well, coming up next in as far as milestones go is coming up with a basic validate method for Cerberus, equipped with a knowledge of gears, wheels and screws that work behind Spidermon I feel pretty confident about it than the last week. I think, this is the beauty of GSoC. You put in a week of struggle, the next week the struggle doubles but the peak you are climbing starts to look a bit closer.


Also, in the pipeline is my personal blog on Mixster. Last we talked about my community, I would like to talk about Python Packaging next. In extra work that I want to take up, is the Slack action extra issues features as well as docs. Let’s see if we can get that as well.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

Oh, I did. I got badly stuck, but regular visits to Stackoverflow, Python Documentation and my mentors Slack channel helped me get over my troubles. Gotta go, gotta catch up!


This is Vipul Gupta, signing out.