[#3] The Week that has been @ 2048

Published: 06/11/2019

If the distance is the path traveled between 2 points and displacement between 2 points is the shortest path you can take to reach your destination from the initial point. Then, I say after making full circles this week my overall displacement is 0. But, I am sure as hell have come a long way in learning more about Python as a programming language by just reading, understanding and implementing new code concepts than ever before.

What did you do this week?

I still worked on implementing the Cerberus pipeline - validate() feature. Struggled with some errors but Stackoverflow along with some awesome Python Packaging docs were always there for me. This is taking a bit longer than I realized myself, as I now understand the code and ever wrote the implementation (Which can be found here - https://github.com/vipulgupta2048/spidermon/tree/cerberus) several bugs stand in my way to perfect it. Hence, will continue working on that.

What is coming up next?

Next up, the most immediate task to fix, refactor and get the basic Cerberus validation up and running. This is a priority task for more, as it will be critical for me to get this done to get in a better position of passing Round 1 Evals. As I plan to give my project, more focus this next week. I will plan to finish my other tasks, my side project and solve a PR as well. Things should be looking way better in the next report.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Oh! Tons of bugs, mistakes, and errors were encountered this week. With a lot of time figuring out the Python Packaging and how to install local packages. As I took the rudimentary approach of repackaging Spidermon every time I made a change to it. To my surprise, the -e flag in pip install can help us install local packages without the need to re-package. Kudos to Renne for his guidance. I must have never actually made sense to the error that I was getting.