Week 3

Published: 06/10/2019

Currently, I'm still working on implementing the extension of C.

The problem I met is that there is a significant difference between the extension on Windows and Linux while on PSF the instruction is mainly about Linux. For example, in the new .c file, on Linux platform I just need to declare the function and implemented, but on Windows, I need to create a new module called PyInit_, which is used for Windows compilers to identify python extension.

Besides, since I'm using visual studio to develop, there are some issues with the path. But finally I found an instruction writen by official visual studio very helpful: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/python/working-with-c-cpp-python-in-visual-studio?view=vs-2019

I haven't talked to Terri and John yet, so I will leave this first and change it after the meeting.