Coding and Communication

Published: 07/11/2019

You have to constantly be learning and implementing various things if you want to be better at programming. Watch some tutorials, checkout some blogs, read the documentation and start experimenting, I have learnt this from my past year experience that if you want to move ahead and be better at any stack of programming, don't get lost in the plethora of tutorials available, pick a project, experiment, un-learn - re-learn stuff and implement. This is by far the most valuable lesson I have learnt.

Second most valuable key is communication. Don't be shy, ask questions because the most valuable teacher is experience and people who have it are the best resource of knowledge you can ask for. My mentor has taught me a lot things after starting GSoC, even learnt quite a few things from the other student working on the project and these lessons and connections will definitely go far ahead in my programming career.