Working with SciKit and meeting deadlines

Published: 07/09/2019

The first linear regression model took unexpectedly long that put me in a difficult place because now I have to cover up at least a couple more models before the second evaluation. My mentor and I decided to take up Scikit implementations now and I think they will be faster to implement and will give better results too.

Task Assigned:- Complete Linear Regression and one more model (working on both KNN and Logistic regression) before 15th July.

Current State: I ran into unexpected problems with payoneer and hadn't received the payment for my first evaluation up until now. This took a significant part of my time but task wise I completed the context work of Linear Regression with leaves me with testing and documentation only and for the other model, I am done studying and practice it's raw implementation and think I am ready once I am done with my Linear Regression models.

Last week was unexpectedly slow and I probably would have to catch up with it.