Week 3, Wrapping up Linear Regression from scratch!

Published: 06/23/2019

What was my task?

This week I had to finalize Linear Regression model in DFFML. As my mentor and I had discussed and agreed upon giving the linear regression from scratch model a little more time, as it could help us make a new model tutorial later, I have been working on it for the past 3 of weeks that includes code, documentation, testing and implementing saving and loading besides the main algorithm.

Did I complete my task?

Yes, three days into the 3rd week I was done with the model and it was working fine until my mentor felt making models would be a lot easier if he made some changes in config of DFFML, so to merge my PR, I am waiting for those changes and simultaneously working on the next task which I will talk about in the next blog.


This week was rather not challenging as I had to make the requested changes that my mentor explained to me very well mostly. As DFFML is new, changes rather come up in the core code base sometimes that become challenging both for my mentor and both students involved in GSoC. But it is how projects work, we have a healthy discussion every week and solve every problem together.