Week 0: Checking In!

Published: 07/24/2022

Hello there!
I am Yashu Garg, an engineering undergrad from the University of Delhi. As part of GSoC'22, I will be contributing to Intel's CVE Binary Tool. I'll be enhancing the test coverage and implementing fuzzing into the project!

In this last week of the Community Bonding Period, I tried to get ahead of schedule and begin early. Since this is my first time working on a security and vulnerability project, I thought a headstart would be helpful.
I worked on writing tests for the Archive Extractor and tried to solve the problems I noticed with the module. I reorganized the tools used to optimize their functioning on Windows and Linux.
My experience with unit testing and mocking is still limited, but I see GSoC as an opportunity to learn new things and not just implement what I know.
I am still a little intimidated by the technologies to be used and implemented, but I am sure that with enough time and focus, I will be able to execute my project nicely!

Yashu Garg