Week 1: Adding tests in Extractor module

Published: 07/24/2022

Hello there!
The first week of coding was exciting as I officially started working on the project!

What did I do this week?
Before the GSoC period stated, I had implemented support for .pkg and .tar.zst archives for the tool, which are package distribution files for FreeBSD and ArchLinux operating systems. This week I finished writing the tests for these archive extractors and saw that it had almost a 1% impact on the total test coverage of the project.
While running these new tests on Windows, I noticed that the tar command is very slow on Windows. So I went ahead and reorganized the choice of extraction methods for pkg files based on the current operating system.

What is coming up next?
After a brief discussion with the mentors, I suggested starting the work in modules with no test coverage. Since they need to be implemented from scratch and require less work to look back to, they are supposedly easier to start with. I decided to take up format_checkers.py, an untested module that I have worked on before.

Did I get stuck anywhere?
No, I did not get stuck anywhere this week!

Yashu Garg