Post #3 : Not all is coding

Published: 07/13/2021

Hi again! This is my third blog post check out the previos. Also, it is the beginning of the 5th week of the GSoC, that is, the midpoint of my internship, the time passed so fast and it has been a great experience.

During the last week, I was mainly working on two things:

Reorganize my second milestone.

Since in my initial proposal, I established my second milestone using the component raw::HTML of Sphinx and I would create HTML forms to explain in the course PyZombis how MVC works, however, the Brython module was implemented by one of my teammates and now I can implement the lessons of MVC using it. With this module, we can implement and expand lessons and the whole course in general. You can check the new issues that were created here in my project on GitHub.

Code review of teammates' PR's

Not all is coding, in fact, I can sure that most of the time is the second thing that you do during a project, so in this sense make code reviews is a good practice since this maintains order at work, however, not only is code review valuable for this purpose, we use a git-flow from the beginning of the project and an important step is the process of code review each other.

These were my main activities and luckily I didn't have any struggle, however, I had to read the syntaxis and documentation of Brython, because I had to do it if I wanted to update my milestone correctly. This week I am going to work on my first set of issues in order to achieve my goals before finishing the third sprint. In addition, I am going to make the first review of my mentors, the required requirement by the GSoC. With nothing more to report, as Truman said...

See you Truma