Post #4: Graphical user Interface

Published: 07/25/2021

Hello everyone! this is the 4th post of my blog post series to the GSOC internship, you can check out all previous if you want to know more about it :D

At this opportunity, I was working on refactoring the graphical user interface lesson, this lesson in the original course was created using the library to create GUIs tkinter but now I refactored using Brython.

In order to make this change, I used Brython's widgets to create dialogs. This was the way that I found to simulate the behavior of the tkinter library. The result is quite similar, below is a screenshot of the result.

example dialog

These kinds of dialogs are created using the syntax of Brython and translated to HTML internally using javascript (without use javascript itself), and also you can put any element HTML inside using the same syntaxis, like buttons, input fields (any type), and so on.

I have done a PR that is waiting for my mentors' review, and in the meantime, I am going to work to make reviews of peers' PR and after that, I am going to work in the Model View Controller lesson, which is very important in the second milestone of my internship, so keep going.

keep going meme