Fifth Blog - GSOC 2019

Published: 07/21/2019

Hey! Welcome. 

I hope you are doing well. Oh, you are here to see how am I doing right?

Well, I started implementing cheatsheet(remember what cheatsheet is?If not then see previous blogs!). I planned to first create basic html, css and javascript files. But something else happened. 

Remember that landing page I created earlier?It's not working properly since my mentors shifted everything to new SMACSS structure. So, now I decided to stop the implemetation for now. First I will fix the landing page, then insted of first creating basic pages in Html, CSS and javascript. I will directly code in pug, SCSS and will use javascript in it in accordance with the brand new SMACSS structure. This all is not much of a big deal. Cheatsheet doesn't require much time to finish. I just need to fix the landing page first.

So, I am working on it right now. See u later!

Till then, Peace!